Sunday, June 27, 2010

I've arrived!

After a slightly postponed-yet-got-here-on-time flight while sitting next to a polite Teenager McSquirrely-Pants, I managed to get euros, get on a bus, jump on a train, and walk to the Schlosshotel in Eisenach.

I'm traveling by first class railpass while here, and one of the benefits of traveling like that on these beautifully quiet and smooth trains is in-car food service. That way my little bit of German is only inflicted on the one service person in my car. I think it's pretty romantic to eat a lunch while the pretty German countryside speeds by...And look! My first German lunch was ordered in German and in honor of my husband it's salad and LOX! He was pretty sure I wouldn't eat a vegetable while I was here....
Of course, later that night, we had very typical German fare at the hotel. Thuringen sausage (Thuringen is region that I'm in right now) and, uh, pork neck? And a smattering of vegetables. Delicious.
It's a small, pretty town, Bach's birthplace of Eisenach is. Here's a view of the town taken while I was on my after-dinner stroll at 9 pm (oh, the LIGHT!)

and a view from my window. Can you make out the castle-like structure out on the mountain?


  1. Glad to read that you arrived safely. The food looks great! And you have a lovely view from your window.

  2. You take purty pictures!!! Even after spending a miserable adolescence in germany, reading your post actually makes me kinda sorta wish... i was there. Keep posting!!

  3. Love your pics!! Make sure to have a beer, and a veg, daily for me. Thanks!!