Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bach in Leipzig!

OK, really, I'm here to be studying Bach, and I am indeed occupied doing that. We're in lecture/seminar all morning, but I'm actually not allowed to blog about what goes on there. It is pretty amazing to be in the churches where Bach worked. In fact, it's so inspiring, that we've created a series of album covers for when we record our master performances of the works we're learning about.

Fortunately/unfortunately we do not resemble the master on the OTHER side of the St. Thomas Church....

Last night, I tried to make the best of both worlds by attending a concert of Bach's music by the Barockorchester Leipzig and to watch the semi-finals of the World Cup (though you know, kind reader, how much I give a rat's ass about sports). Of course, both experiences were important to the understanding of my experience here. The Brandenburg Concerto #5 performance was charming, heart-warming, and ultimately more satisfying than the semi-finals outcome. Beauty and grace perceived by a few hundred vs., uh, the shock and dismay of the thousands throughout the city.

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