Friday, July 16, 2010

In case you were afraid I wasn't eating....

I actually haven't been as much of a foodie in Germany as I would of liked. Mostly because there no Leipzig food blogs as far as I can tell--at least in English. I try to look at and order from the German menu as much as I can as sometimes the English menus both omit some dishes and have less than appealing translations. Sometimes ordering from the German menu with only the most rudimentary skills results in a surprise--like when I was hoping for roast chicken and got chicken LIVERS instead. But here is a quick run-down of good (and different...) stuff from the last two weeks!

One of the more unusual things I ate was recommended to me at the Restaurant das Altes Rathaus:"Pikante Haxensülze mit Remouladensauce, Zwiebelbratkartoffeln und Salatbukett," which Google Chrome translates as: "Spicy knuckles brawn with remoulade sauce, Zwiebelbratkartoffeln and salad bouquet." I think it was pretty much meat from the roast pork knuckle suspended in aspic made from connective tissue of pig hoof, served at a cool temperature. Sound gross, but it was really good on a hot day when eaten with the potatoes and remoulade. And there were vegetables. For dessert at the same place we had these quark pancakes with red currant sauce. Yum!

Chaco sisters I & II and I aso ate at the Paulaner Restaurant in Leipzig. It's really a Bavarian, on Saxony, restaurant, but Chaco Sister II really wanted spaetzle which is is soutehr dish, so we went. She was pleased with her spaetzle. I had schweinhaxen (to continue on the pig foot thing) which is roast pork knuckle, kind of like Filipino lechon or Cuban pernil or something, but Bavarian style and served with sauerkraut and a bread dumpling.. Hmm love that pork skin! Chaco Sister I had sort of a disaster. The English menu said "meatloaf" and the German menu said "leberkaese," and what came was indeed ground meat in loaf form and sliced, but it was pretty much like firmer bologna. She was unimpressed, but ate the pretzel and potato salad with gusto!

Chaco sister and Jungmaestro (as a stand-in for me) sharing what looks decadent, but is really yogurt and fruit with some um, ice cream at San Remo in Leipzig.

Tapas of chorizo, fried whole sardines, artichoke hearts, and spanish tortilla from Las Tapas in Dresden.

Spaetzle and Roast pork medallions from Cafe Vis-a-Vis, part of the Hilton Hotel in Dresden.

Evening special for four from the Goethe's favorite hang: the Auerbachs Keller in Leipzig: Sauerbraten, potato croquettes, red cabbage, semmelknoedel, and braised meat.

Lastly, the Chaco sisters and I found SchnitzelCulture on our last day in Leipzig. They have like 50 kinds of schnitzel with various toppings, so we, uh, ate there for lunch AND dinner in the hope of eating at least 10% of their offerings. Perhaps it is best that we didn't find it earlier as we night have been eating fried meat every day, though they did schnitelize pork, turkey, veal, cauliflower, eggplant, and wait for it, tofu. Here are three: Chaco Sister II's Schnitzel Schwabian (with mushrooms, bacon, and spaetzle-duly noted), Chaco Sister I's Schnitzel Birne Belle Helene (with cranberries and brie), and since I am a princess, Schnitzel Princess (with spargel, hollandaise, and potato and cottage cheese croquettes). Delicious!

And finally a refreshing dessert for you! Ice cream and fruit from some place near the Frauenkirche in Dresden.

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