Thursday, July 1, 2010

Food, friends, and fun....

One of the nice things about the beginning of our trip is that while we were staying at the Schlosshotel in Eisenach we had group dinners outside on the patio. It was convenient, a good way to 'have' to meet people, and pretty delicious and lovely.

Below are Chaco sister and Mr. Seems Familiar...
Even in Eisenach, I got a latke with lox, seriously. But I make them better.

This is Jungmaestro and I showing off our final dinner in Eisenach. Roast beef, sweet-spiced braised red cabbage, and a dumpling of an indeterminate nature. Jungmaestro thought it was going to be a matzah ball, and I was like, uh no. The dumpling seemed to be made of bread but had a texture more like mochi. Weird, yet strangely delicious? Like mochi!

That photo and the photo below best demonstrate my favorite aspect of German dinners: the ratio of meat and starch to vegetable us perfect for me! And look at how cute the bratwurst is all skinny and coiled up....

Mr. Coffee, Jungmaestro, and I all ordered this at The Restaurant Lackner for our last lunch in Eisenach.
Mr. Coffee is so named because we've made mid-morning espresso breaks de rigeur, and because well, look, one of us has to be the "KaffeeHag...."

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  1. My grandmother used to make dumplings that I think would have been like that. There were both potatoes and bread involved, but she kept her recipe a secret, unfortunately.